A Fox Sighted: Nashville

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The Fox has spotted a few friends, fans and followers in recent travels that he would like you to meet. In this spirit, we invite you – our friends, fans and followers – to share your photos of you rocking your favorite Fox gear. Just shoot us an email at thehandsomefox@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself. We will share photos and stories as them come along. Thank you for your loyalty and support and remember; Stay Handsome.


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The Fox Recommends: RSD14 and Jack White

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Welcome back to The Fox’s Thoughts. We hope you had a great holiday weekend, spring break, egg hunt et al. As some of you may remember, we last left The Fox getting ready to head to Nashville, TN for Record Store Day 2014. Today, we rejoin him getting ready to see Jack White perform in the Third Man Records Blue Studio.

There were already around a hundred people queuing at Third Man Records’ Seventh Street headquarters when The Fox crew arrived at 7:30 am on Saturday April 19th – aka Record Store Day 2014. People were lining up to not only get into the Jack White show where he would record direct-to-acetate two songs which would then be pressed and sold later in the day, but they were lining up to buy the records themselves. As The Fox crew sipped some complimentary black coffee, trying to clear their heads of the morning fog, they noted several sleeping bags and even a tent set up near by. This was going to be a great day for some serious people watching. 

By around 8:45 there was a gathering of around 200 people milling around, queuing, exploring the fantastic compound that Third Man Records had built of the past five years, and there was a general nervous excitement as time drew near to the scheduled performance start. Camera crews arrived, and the line started moving. Before we knew it; we were in the Blue Room studio waiting for Jack White to come on.

The crowd hushed as an announcement was made explaining the sequence of events to come. Jack and his band would perform one warm up song to check their levels and then it was on the crowd’s shoulders to scream our heads off once the band starting playing Lazaretto (White’s first single off his June 2014 album of the same name). The record was cut direct-to-acetate and the crowd went wild as Mr. White shredded the track and footage for the single’s music video was taken at the same time. White then cut the B-Side with a gut-wrenching cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power of My Love”, punching each vowel and laying a tic-tac baseline. It was announced that “the records have left the building” and the crowd went nuts. The masters were rushed to United Record Pressing for production and packaging.

As much as Jack White wanted to oversee complete production of the singles, he stuck around and treated his loyal fans to a complete hour long set. He played the White Stripes’ hits Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, and audience sung Hello Operator, and blistering crowd pleasing Hotel YorbaFreedom at 21Weep Themselves to Sleep and the always intimately sung Love Interruption were chosen from White’s 2012 solo album, Blunderbuss. And the audience was even treated to three additional new tracks off the forth-coming LazarettoThree Women which brags of his bi-coastal romantic escapades with three women (red, blonde and brunette), Just One Drink and the darkly humorous and scarily truthful Would You Fight for My Love

The rest of RSD14 was spent enjoying free Yazoo Brewery beers, buying some tasty treats from Bang Candy Company and enjoying the company at the Third Man Records store. The first record was officially sold just after 2pm and the clock stopped – Jack White had officially performed, recorded, pressed, packaged and sold The World’s Fastest Record in 3:55:21. The Fox crew is so thankful they were able to be there and spend RSD14 with a rock legend. Thank you Nashville.

Click here to learn more about Third Man Records and Jack White’s The World’s Fastest Record.

Click here for a fun video summary of RSD14 at TMR and see if you can spot a couple of The Fox’s crew while you’re at it.


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The Fox Recommends: Record Store Day, Third Man Records and Jack White

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Record Store Day started back in 2007 to celebrate and support the independent record store. It is honored the third Saturday of April and you know what that means. You have to get off the couch this Saturday, April 19th and get to buying some vinyl.

The Fox will be celebrating Record Store Day 2014 in Nashville. That’s right folks, The Fox in Music City. As a huge fan of everything Jack White, The Fox has been a member of the Third Man Records Vault for some time. The Vault is a fantastic way to build your rare vinyl collection while supporting the movement to bring art, depth and spontaneity back to the record business. Check it out here. That being said, two weeks ago The Fox was alerted to a special event that would be happening at the Third Man Records Blue Room studio to celebrate RSD14. It was announced that Jack White will be recording the World’s Fastest Record, studio-to-store. He will take the stage first thing in the morning and record direct-to-acetate a live rendition of the title track on his upcoming LP Lazaretto. The master recordings will then be rushed to United Record Pressing for 45 production, the sleeves will be printed from pictures taken at the show, and the finished records will be brought back to TMR for sale.

The Fox is thanking his lucky stars that he was able to score tickets.

Aside from the Jack White performance, The Fox will be rocking out to Grand Rapid’s own Whirlwind Heat, chowing some amazing local grub, sipping some cool ones from Yazoo Brewery and licking a lemon lollipop or two courtesy of The Bang Candy Company. This Record Store Day is going to rock.

The Fox will be taking this weekend off from the newsletter, but he will return on the 27th with a review of the trip, the performance and Music City itself. 

Now please make sure to get out this Saturday, support your local record stores, score some sweet limited edition vinyl and make delicious memories with your fellow music lovers.

Click here for more info about Record Store Day 2014 and some planned RSD14 special releases.

Click here to find your local record store and then go visit it on Saturday!





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The Dark Varsity Tee

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jay blog_edited-1

Donning the Dark Varsity is a stealthy way to show off your handsome good taste. Printed in black on dark charcoal heather grey – this shirt allows you to slink in and out of all the trendiest locals while leaving behind a handsome taste in the mouths of the remaining patrons. This shirt is a crowd pleaser.

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The Fox Recommends: Game of Thrones

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iron throne1

The Fox can be a bit of a procrastinator. That being said – it is no wonder it has taken three years for him to finally hop on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. He decided to take a peak at episode one and ten hours of binge watching later – he was hooked. “What will happen with the Starks?” He wondered out loud. “And those sneaky Lannisters? The Night’s Watch and Jon Snow? And don’t even get me started on the Khaleesi! Augh!” So many questions – all left unanswered.

Everyone knows that quality programming is quickly becoming exclusive to cable networks (see AMC, Showtime and the eponymous HBO) and subscriber services (see Netflix and Hulu originals). Well, Game of Thrones is no exception to that rule. In fact, it might have helped jump start the trend. To watch the first season you have to steel yourself for heavy doses of sex, blood, backstabbing, plotting, loss, complicated names, titles and overlapping story lines. The show will not drag you in – it does not beg you to watch it. The cliff hangers are present, but not infuriating. Yet, you will be hard pressed not to watch the next episode, then the next and the next.

The allure lies in the commentary on hierarchical societies, the complicated characters that ever so slowly draw you into their clutches, the subtlety in dramatic writing combined with in your face and often lewd violence. The beauty of the Game of Thrones is also undeniable. The locations and costuming are expertly executed to draw you in to the seven kingdoms of Westeros while not altogether stealing the show.

The predominant families and characters are an amazing testament to the prejudices and impressions we as readers, watchers and people harbor. There are maybe a handful of heroes in Thrones – most of which are forced to fight from the lower ranks of their families. As the season unfolds you will grow to love the tomboy Arya Stark, the Lannister imp Tyrion, the dragon daughter the Khaleesi and the Stark bastard Jon Snow. You may even begin to feel for the anti-heroes Sansa Stark, Littlefinger and the eunuch Lord Varys as you learn of their hidden histories and strengths. There is very little black or white when it comes to choosing sides in the Game of Thrones. Each person we meet is muddled grey with dark pasts and selfish wishes for the future that so many may never live to see fulfilled.

Summer is coming – and The Fox recommends the Game of Thrones as a fantastic watch filled with promises of dragons, zombies and long, cold nights to come.


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The Varsity Tee

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The Varsity Tee is the perfect fit for any sporting event you may be planning to attend. Whether it’s to see if UConn can hold off Kentucky or a sweltering late August Tiger’s game – you will be looking good and keeping cool in this classic athletic tee.

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The Fox Recommends: Hendrick’s Gin

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It has been a long, hard winter. Like many of us, The Fox has begun to make some spring and summer plans. Sun parties, concerts, big games, horse racing, trips around the world – many of which will include the delightfully delicious spirit, Hendrick’s Gin. The Fox has been a fan of gin for some time, but it was a fateful evening some months ago when he spotted a cucumber in his drink and tasted a little something different with his gin & tonic. The Fox was never the same again.

Gin, or jenever, has evolved from a middle ages medicinal remedy to a distinctive spirit over the last millennium. Typically, gin derives its unique flavor from the juniper berry. There are four EU-defined varieties of gin, with hundreds of brands around the world. An important part of any spirit’s production is the type of still in which it is produced. Hendrick’s Gin was launched in 1999 when Mr. Charles Gordon and Ms. Lesley Gracie discovered, by delicious serendipity, the perfect gin blend whilst using two separate (and utterly different) stills to produce one spirit.

Hendrick’s Gin is produced in Scotland where the master distiller is a slave to micro-managing 450 liter batches. Small batch typically means 1,000 liters or smaller; that should give you an idea of just how small the Hendrick’s production volume actually is. Exclusivity in production is important to maintaining such unique flavor. Hendrick’s boasts a botanical signature consisting of yarrow, juniper, elderflower, citrus, chamomile and many other flowers, seeds, roots and fruits from around the world. This sets the stage for the unusual rose and cucumber infusions that set Hendrick’s apart from the gin world.

The Fox highly recommends grabbing a Hendrick’s Gin & tonic with cucumber garnish to complete any of your warm weather plans. If you’re looking for a little something different try one of the recipes below. Always remember to enjoy responsibly.

The Corpse Reviver
1 Part Hendrick’s Gin
1 Part Cointreau
1 Part Lillet
1 Part Lemon Juice
Dash Absinth

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over cubed ice and shake briskly. Double strain into cocktail glass.

The Gin Basil Smash
2 Parts Hendrick’s Gin
1 Part Fresh Lemon Juice
1/2 Part Sugar Syrup
8 Torn Basil Leaves

Add basil to the base of a cocktail shaker & gently muddle. Add remaining ingredients and shake hard over ice. Strain into ice filled rocks glass.

The Red Snapper
1 1/2 Parts Hendrick’s Gin
3 Parts Tomato Juice
1/2 Part Lemon Juice
2 Dashes Tabasco
2 Dashes Worcester Sauce
1 Dash Rice Wine Vinegar
1 Pinch Each of Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Celery Salt and Celery Seed
5 mL Ruby Port
1 Sprig of Basil and Cucumber Spear

Assemble ingredients into a glass with ice and stir. Strain into an iced long glass and float with a thin layer of port.


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